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Dow Jones (DJIA) index historical data download

The Dow Jones Industrial Average index has been introduced on 26 May 1896 at the base level near 30. From you can download DJIA data back until 27 May 1896!  Of course you can not await full EOD data for the 19th century (data must have been recorded manually from old newspapers), but it is still quite interesting... is a Polish website, but some parts of it is transleted into English. Do not be afraid of it, you can download Dow Jones data without knowing anything about Polish language! (You can also try using Google translate. Google Chrome will offer automatic translation as soon as you visit Alternatively, you can check out  Dow Jones's 5 year chart  or Dow Jones's 10 year chart . You can also find a quick guide for Dow Jones' 10 years historical data here .