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  • Do you know that there is market data other than intraday "open-close-min-max" and EOD?
  • Do you know where to get these data from?
  • Did you know how many kinds of errors can occur in the market data?
  • Do you know how many things do you have to take care of when using market data?
We have created a free e-book that tells you how to get market data, what to take care about market data, and what types of market data exist anyway.
To avoid common errors made with market data, this book is essential for you. And most importantly, it is free.
You can find it here.

Book of market data by was created by on 2010-03-07. License: . Description: " Book of market data" tells about the kinds of market data and how to get them. Tells important factors of using market data and warns you for possible errors in data that may lead to wrong decisions. If you are new to stock trading you will find a lot of new things in this book. If you are an advanced trader you will see things in a different way and you may get some new ideas after reading this book. If you are writing a study this book can be more than useful. There were no other books about this topic so far. This e-book contains the experiences of our software team gained while the development of's free technical analysis software and other stock analyzing tools.

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