Verizon (VZ) stock historical data download

Verizon Communcations Inc. has been founded in 1983 as Bell Atlantic. From Yahoo! Finance you can download VZ stock data back until 21 November 1983.

Steps for downloading VZ market data

You should see a page similar to this:

Verizon historical data page on Yahoo! Finance
Step2: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Download to Spreadsheet". (By using default settings you will download EOD Verizon data from the broadest date range. If this is not suitable for you, you can modify settings.)
"Download to Spreadsheet" button on Yahoo! Finance
Step3: Most browsers open a file chooser window to select where to download data. Start downloading market data by selecting a file and a location in this window. (Default file name is "table.csv" which isn't too good for identifying historical data on your computer so renaming file to "vz.csv" or similar is advised.)

If Verizon data file is automatically opened with MS Excel or similar software (eg.: Libre Office Calc), it may cause problems when importing data file into a particular analysis software. In this case you should right-click on "Download to Spreadsheet" link (like in Step 2) and choose
  • "Save target as..." in Internet Explorer
  • "Save link As..." in Firefox and Google Chrome
  • or something similar in the context menu (depending on your browser)

You can analyze this data using eg.: Chartoasis Sesame or this free technicalanalysis software.

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